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Top 10 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2017


According to Bridal Tweet and 20,000 venders interviewed…

2017 will bring forth elegant, meaningful moments

we will remember forever! ( :

"2017 will be the year of ’Urban Earthie' -

Brides will make sleek, bold choices that are authentic, warm and romantic!! Opposites attract and the mixing of sophistication and nature will strike a beautiful balance!" - Tracy Silver of

"Say Goodbye to DIY -

The look now is opulent, updated, and individualized. Think refined, not rustic. Pieces are curated, showing a thoughtful selection chosen specifically for the celebration. Every shade of gold is on-trend, as is lush linens, as fabrics become more and more detailed. Soft shades of champagne, blush, and taupe are highlighted with re-embroidered lace, sequins, and raw fabric treatments." - Sheree Bochenek of

"Heritage and back-to-roots themed weddings are coming our way" -

Aspects of family heritage and more minimalist decor will be incorporated into ceremonies, receptions and even choice of dress / suit. We're loving the more earthy / muted tones and think

"2017 will be all about rekindling the past" –

Dresses will be vintage, remembering the flowing lace that many of our earlier generations wore. This will be the perfect year to pull out mom’s or grandmother’s dress and give it a breath of fresh air. Hair will be simple and flowy. This type of hippie chic will be recognized by soft updos and loose pieces that drape down the neck and shoulders. This gives the bride a more back-to-nature and natural look. Makeup will fluctuate between two looks, we believe. For those wanting the soft, natural look, the colors will be pastels or neutrals to emphasize contours of the bride’s face. The other look will be focused more on the glamour vintage Hollywood look of red lips and black eyeliner, which is also simple and vintage, just more dramatic." - Doranna of

"Muted palettes with pops of color for flower girl gowns" –

Purple/plum with lavender accents are the color of choice. Turquoise/aqua or blush pink and gold, are trending colors for destination weddings." - Michele of

"There will be a continued demand for loose unstructured bridal bouquets" –

There will also be an increased use of native flowers, gum eucalyptus foliage, lots of lush greenery & hanging floral installations." - Lina Bteddini of

"Mother nature takes over in 2017" –

Small plants, succulents, and hearbs are used for name cards, favors, and table runners." - Julie Fajgenbaum of Tweed Wolf

"Glitter, gold and silver start to wane in popularity as champagne, copper, bronze and especially rose gold take over" –

Brides still want the glamour of metallic, but are opting for the softer, more romantic and rustic shades." - Erica of Little Things Favors

"Traditional cake toppers of bride and groom figurines

are on their way out…" -

Gold lettering telling it like it is, is in! ( : Check out some of the best sellers above from Inked Icing! ( : - Inked Icing

"Couples are now opting for honeymoons that include extreme adventures"

Like zip lining, hiking, rafting, jet skis, 4 wheel ATVs, horseback riding, scuba, sky diving and more. In addition, we are also noticing an uptick in "come-a-long honeymoons" where newlyweds are asking their friends and families join in and make the celebration even more memorable." - Burt of

"2017 Wedding Couples are opting for 'non-traditional' honeymoon destinations" -

2017 wedding couples are interested in alternative destinations for their honeymoon; and the number one destination for 2017 is Thailand. Thailand appeals to today's honeymoon couples because of the vast history, gorgeous beaches, and a culture you cannot experience anywhere else in the world." - Michele Botnick of

"2017 Bridal Gowns are Becoming More Elegant" -

The trains are more dramatic and longer. The gowns have beautiful intricate beading, and ball gowns are making their way back." – Cindy Cordell of


What are your predictions for 2017 weddings?

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2017 and 2018 trends?

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