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How to Get Long Hair Fast

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Take Your Vitamins

The secret to figuring out how to get long hair fast is simpler than you might think. Some women swear by the miracles of prenatal vitamins, others think a daily multi-vitamin will do the trick. Either way, pay attention to your overall health when trying to grow your hair out. Stay hydrated, eat the correct amount of proteins and nutrition-dense foods, and yes, take a vitamin (your mom's been telling you this for years).

Avoid Breakage

Who knew you were so rough on your hair? Pretty much everything you do, from tying it up in a bun to washing it every day causes breakage. Re-evaluate your hair habits and change up your routine to avoid getting those dreaded split ends!

Head to the Salon

Speaking of split ends, make sure to go to the salon every couple of months to get a teeny tiny trim. This touch-up appointment might seem like a counter-intuitive idea, but it is actually one of the most effective ways to speed up lengthening your locks.

Focus on Your Scalp

While you should give your ends plenty of attention, the most crucial feature in hair growth is your scalp. Don't irritate it with rough brushing or over-dry it with excessive shampooing. The oils your scalp produces play a large role in keeping it healthy. When you condition or apply a special treatment, make sure to give yourself a scalp massage to stimulate circulation.

Buy the Right Products

Make sure to buy the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, but also check out those ingredients. Alcohol-based hair products can make your hair a dry wasteland. Encourage growth by purchasing gentle and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Invest in Extras

Your hair can benefit from deep conditioning, oil treatments, and cream rinses. Talk to your stylist about product recommendations for a once or twice a week hair mask or oil that you can use to make your hair reach its length potential.

Keep Expectations Realistic

Wondering how to get long hair fast, but concerned that it still might not reach its desired length? Understand that you hair will not grow much more than 1/2 inch each month, no matter what you do. So, if you're currently rocking a pixie cut and you want hip-length waves, you should probably start looking into extensions, which are amazing and can get you where you want to be hair length wise instantly! ( :


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