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Silk Wedding Flowers Save More Than Just Money

Photo Credit: Jessica Anne Photography

Flowers Designed by: All My Heart Events

While many wedding experts extol the economy of using silk flowers to save money on floral decorations, they often do not explain the other benefits of using artificial botanicals in the bouquets and arrangements for your special celebration.

In almost 18 years as a bridal designer and floral design instructor, I saw many of the benefits of using fabric blooms firsthand. They have so much more to offer than just providing a cheap alternative to the real thing. Join me to explore some of the pros of using silk wedding flowers that go above and beyond budgetary concerns.

Fabric Flowers are Tough!

One great thing about using silk flowers for your wedding decorations is that they are very strong and sturdy. If you bend or kink the stem, the fabric blooms will not break off, nor will their blossoms be bruised by inexpert handling. They can be delivered by the most inexperienced of helpful volunteers without any real fear of your flowers or arrangements arriving damaged. Extremes of heat and cold won't harm faux flowers either so no refrigeration or even air conditioning is needed during transport or at any other time.

The sturdiness factor makes several man-made varieties superior to cut flowers for use in boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets. Artificial stephanotis, lily-of-the-valley, lilacs, and individual hydrangea blooms hold up way better than fresh cut blossoms in decorations intended to be worn or carried. They don't need a water source and they don't turn brown.

They Give You More Time to Work With

Artificial botanicals last for years and don't need any more than an occasional dusting. That means you can buy your budget blooms months or even years ahead of your nuptials at your leisure.

They are Never Out of Season

You can have any type or variety of flower you want, no matter what time of year you hold your wedding. With man-made botanicals, you can use types that aren't in season, you can match swatches of your bridesmaids' dresses and other color samples with confidence, and you can use flowers that the real versions of which, are too delicate to stand up well in arrangements and bouquets. Faux lily-of-the-valley is superior to the real thing, in my opinion, as it won't dry up and it won't cost a fortune. It will also definitely be available, whereas real lily-of-the-valley is extremely unpredictable and I've seen it cost as much as $8 a stem!

Repairs are Easy

If one of the head pops off a real rose, or gerbera daisy, you may as well forget about fixing it. Silk flowers are far more forgiving. If a flower head falls off you can glue it right back on with corsage glue, rubber cement, or hot glue without bruising a single petal. It's better than ruining expensive flowers by accident!

Silk Flowers allow for a Backup Plan

The use of fabric blooms in your wedding also allows you to know ahead of time what your decorations/bouquets, etc…look like way ahead of time. Any changes, alterations, repairs can be made to fit whatever need you as the bride needs or requests; whereas, very few florists will work with fresh product that comes from outside their shop, nor can they repair real plant material, if it has taken damage from handling.

They are Easier to Set Up at Both Ceremony and Reception

When it comes to ease of set up, nothing beats the silk flowers over the real thing! They don't need to be arranged in water or wet floral foam, so they are much, much lighter than their fresh floral counterparts. Due to their lighter weight, silk wedding flowers are easier to attach to pews in churches and onto garden arches and because they don't wilt you can set them up at churches and reception venues as soon as you are allowed entry. Again, this frees up extra time and energy, so you don’t have to rush around like a madman/woman on your wedding day and possibly make a mess of things having to rush at the last minute to put all the real flowers in their places.

Contact All My Heart Events for your Real Look Silk Flower Bouquets and Decor at:

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